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The Secret of Oz – Full Documentary

The Money Masters – Full Documentary

MeltUp Update – InflationUS Documentary on Hyper Inflation

Seems things are getting worse…..

World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

This is hilarious!

The American Form of Government

WOW!  Awesome video!  It does a great job of simplifying the “political spectrum” and the different forms of government.  It clearly explains the kind of government we have here in the United States of America (We are NOT a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic!), and it illustrates clearly how a government progresses from a republic to a democracy to an oligarchy.

It appears that history is repeating itself.  Remember the Roman Empire?  They too were once a republic, but the government gradually expanded its powers beyond the constitution, and the citizens slowly lost their precious liberties, and eventually, an elite few (the Ceasars) took power.  Does this sound familiar?  Watch the video (10:35) and it will frighten you how this little bit of history parallels today’s political environment.

Here is another brief explanation of the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic I posted previously.

MeltUp – InflationUS Documentary on Hyper Inflation

If you watch more than 55 minutes of TV per week, please take 55 minutes out of your regular schedule to watch this documentary instead.  All Americans need to be aware of this.

Documentary on the Dollar Bubble

Are you ready for hyperinflation?  How about the bursting of the dollar bubble?  I hope you are taking steps to prepare for the impending disaster…

This is a long video, about 30 minutes, about the dollar bubble.  It is well worth the time it takes to watch it.